ADHD/LD kids did these easily. They are proud and happy with their works since 4-5 years old.Formal education system intensively focused on reading and writing,didn't promote diversities of differrent skills that every kids can do since childhood.

Drawing and molding are basic and essential skills for graphic animation displayed in computer graphic and all creative works necessary for the future world of visual and 3D technology.

Students who cannot read and write well enough are suspected and labeled as dumbs.The teachers nowadays sent them for IQ test and lose their abilities to judge by themselves that some learning difficulties kids in elementary class are clever enough to allow them passing through the examination though they got poor grade .These are the problems of traditional education system that emphasized the quality of learning based on measuring reading and writing skills as a successful index in educational development.

On the contrary ,though Thai university students included graduated cannot listen and speak English well enough to practice in daily life conversation with the foreigners, they still can get very good grade in English subject,reading text book and writing articles.Practice in English communication is not counted as necessary in the curriculum.There are no examination for listening and speaking because the academic teaching did not enhance these topics.

Progress and quality in education system should be measured with appropriate and flexible design for curriculum,focusing on children 's abilities and practicing skill in those who had reading and writing difficulties,eg. listening ,speaking or presenting what they learned from teacher's demonstration and story telling .

Learning by listening, observe demonstration , doing and practicing in all fields can be successful by new design for curriculum using simple instruments and all kinds of information technologies.

Many kids in early years of elementary class are not necessary to be assessed by IQ test and labeled them as low average IQ or high average with Learning disorder.The process does not help people who are not specialized in special child (parents,teachers and students) to understand clearly what the results of IQ test mean both average or high average IQ score but still have learning difficulties in main subjects.

People and experts in traditional education still hardly believe how clever students can be survived or successful in their lives with poor achievement in reading,writing or mathematics.There are no substantial research to make them believe statistically about these kids' abilities that not depend on their IQ.

Until present there is only a story telling that ADHD/LD kids may have some abilities.Multiple intelligence is still a classic theory by Harvard Professor for the past ten years that cannot be practically proven to be widely and truely accepted in Western education system especially in USA.

 ADHD and LD kids are still suffering not for the reason that they have not been diagnosed or assessed with IQ test, but because they lack the diversities of flexible learning environment and activities that are suitable for helping them to develop their own potential learning abilities.


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